Online options for counselling or psychotherapy are available, e.g. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and also telephone sessions if preferred.


Whether you are aged 16, 46 or 76, most of us feel mixed up, confused, depressed, sad, scared or angry at one time or another. That’s just part of being human.

Often just the opportunity to talk to a trained and experienced counsellor and to be truly listened to and ‘heard’ can be enough to help you to feel better and to unscramble things in your head. This may especially be the case if your unhappiness has resulted from a change in circumstances, a bereavement or loss of some sort.

Counselling tends to focus on solving the problem rather than exploring the deeper roots of why you have the problem and that is enough for many people. We agree in the first sessions what it is you want to achieve out of the process and then I help you to focus on those goals in subsequent sessions.

Counselling will help you with strategies and ‘tools’ to look at your problem ‘upside-down’ and ‘inside out’ so that you have different and perhaps more creative options for looking at your life.

Most importantly, you will have a safe and confidential space for 50 minutes a week where the focus is on you and for many people that in itself is very enriching and energizing.

I provide counselling for adults, couplesolder teenagers and facilitate weekly group therapy.

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