Teenage counselling

I work with teenagers 16 – 19 years.

Latest neuroscience research tells us that between the ages of approximately 12 and 25, the brain is undergoing considerable ‘rewiring’ which accounts for a lot of turbulence, moodiness,poor decision making, impulsivity and emotional highs and lows.

Most of these brain changes occur between 14 and 17 years so it is not surprising that this age group can become distressed, unhappy, lost, anxious, angry and confused. That coupled with an explosion of hormones and – both parent and teenager – has a potentially difficult cocktail to deal with.

For the young person, talking, sharing and exploring feelings, thoughts, fears, anxieties, anger and other experiences with an adult skilled in listening and reflecting – and who is not related to the teenager – can make a huge difference to that individual.

Please note that I do not work with younger teenagers or children.

Also see parenting workshops to support your teenagers. It is easy to see the teenager as the problem but many problems are not confined to just the teenager and the whole family dynamic may benefit from being explored or at least the parental/couple relationship.

If your teenager feels a bit lost regarding career options and is struggling with not knowing what to do ‘next’ post GCSE’s, A2’s or after University, then Abi Parker, www.potentialdirections.com may be able to help you.

For profiles of therapists that work with younger children please visit www.haletherapy.co.uk and look at the profiles of Liz Bunting and Christine Wright.

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