Group therapy


Group therapy provides the space and opportunity for you to explore the ways in which you relate to other people, with the aim of increasing self-awareness and improving your relationships.

For example:

You can challenge and reconsider beliefs about your self, other people and the world around you.

Get honest feedback about how you relate to other people.

Check out in the group setting something difficult that is happening in your life outside and get help , support and feedback.

Recognise how your behaviour, thoughts and feelings affect other people.

You can experience healthy emotional experiences of both giving and receiving help.

Learn to relate to others more honestly and deeply.

Have the opportunity to be of benefit to others which can boost a sense of well-being and self-esteem.

You may also:

Feel something new as a result of saying something in the group. Impact on some one else and that can be a very powerful experience.

Find that as you participate in the group; the thing that you have feared in your life most does not occur eg) being laughed at, or rejected or ignored.

And finally …
You may discover different sides to you that you didn’t know existed!

If you are interested in group therapy, you will need to have around 6 individual sessions with me first. You must commit to the group for a minimum of 8 sessions once you decide to join.

Ring me on 07956 614335 to discuss.

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